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Designed with non-irritating micro-beads for gentle yet effective sensitive skin exfoliation. Keratoregulating agents stimulate skin cell renewal, while the gel-like texture protects from dryness.

Gentle Purifying Scrub, 50ml

  • The Gentle Purifying Scrub has been specially formulated to cleanse sensitive skin in depth by gently eliminating all impurities. Its exfoliating micro-beads, selected for their extreme tolerance, provide an effective yet gentle scrub. Their action is completed by a keratoregulating agent which stimulates skin cell' renewal. This synergy promotes gentle elimination of dead cells and minor skin imperfections. The mild and gel-like texture prevents skin from dryness and leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort. When used before facial mask or moisturising cream application, the scrub improves the penetration of active ingredients and refines the skin texture, leaving it once again healthy and radiant-looking. Paraben free.

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