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Gentle, milky cleanser, to purify and help comfort redness-prone skin. Also suitable to those who may be prone to rosacea. 

Antirougeurs CLEAN Cleansing Lotion, 200ml

  • Gentle, milky cleanser with a cushioning texture, to purify and help restore comfort to redness-prone skin, Also suitable to those who may be prone to rosacea. Formulated with TRP-Regulin, a patented active to help soothe flushed, puffy and uncomfortable skin, as well as anti-irritating Avène Thermal Spring Water.

    Those tested saw a 70% reduction in skin burning sensation*, with 100% saying skin was clean and make up free after use**.

    * Capsaicin irritation test  on 30 subjects after 2 days

    ** The study was conducted on 33 women with erythrocouperosis after 15 days of use, having undergone a cosmetic dermatological procedure (IPL or laser) to treat their couperosis.

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