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Innovative defence against pollution – enriched with powerful antioxidants Pre-Tocopheryl and  Abscorbyl Glucoside, precursors to Vitamin E and C. Helps to plump, hydrate and brighten the skin.

A-Oxitive Water Cream 30ml

  • Innovative moisturiser formulated as a line of defence against pollution. Enriched with  two powerful anti-oxidants: Pre-Tocopheryl, a precursor to Vitamin E to help shield the skin from free radicals, and Abscorbyl Glucoside, evolved from Vitamin C to support cell protection and aid  Vitamin E production in the skin. Also contains light reflecting mother of pearl and soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water. Helps to plump, hydrate and brighten the skin.

    Those studied said radiance improved by 42% and fine lines were reduced by 14%*

    *Clinical study on 29 subjects with sensitive skin after 21 days of application

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